Jump into a year out Down Under with Skydive the Beach and the Australian Visa Bureau

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 29 November 2012

Skydive the Beach offers daring punters, adrenaline junkies and bucket list-fillers the chance to jump from up to 14,000 feet and freefall over some of the best beaches in Australia. Skydive the Beach has locations in Sydney, Byron Bay and Melbourne and in November, they became the latest partner of the Australian Visa Bureau’s Platinum Card programme, with Visa Bureau Platinum Card holders now able to take advantage of a AU$ 30 discount and a free t-shirt when they purchase a tandem skydive at any of the three locations.

As the winter nights close in and the temperature begins to plummet in the UK, daydreaming of an escape to parachuting over white sandy beaches is an understandable notion. With the UK set for more economic strife in coming weeks, there could be no better time to make that dream a reality with the Australian Visa Bureaus Working Holiday Visa package!

An Australian Working Holiday Visa allows the holder to live and work in Australia for 12 months, with the option of extending it a further 12 months if certain requirements are met. Unlike other Australian visa options, a Working Holiday Visa can be obtained quickly and easily online.

The Australian Visa Bureaus Working Holiday Visa package can be obtained in less than five minutes and offers plenty of great benefits. The addition of Skydive the Beach to the Platinum Card program takes the total discount available to card holders to over

Car Insurance in Australia Industry Market Research Report Now Available from IBISWorld

Melbourne, Australia (PRWEB) January 14, 2013

The past five years have been characterised by a run of poor investment performance and consecutive seasons of destruction. As the frequency of natural disasters has risen, so has the frequency of claims for the Car Insurance industry. As mother nature has caused damage across Australia, the value of payouts has risen quickly, putting pressure on insurers’ profit margins. According to IBISWorld industry analyst Ee Jen Lee, although insurers have been able to pass on the rising costs to policy holders, the time lag between the new premium prices and payouts has caused profit margins to decline substantially. The rise in claimants has been compounded by poor investment income because of the low yield environment. Weak economic conditions have driven up demand for bonds and other high-quality fixed income assets that insurers are heavily invested in. Together, these circumstances have resulted in weak revenue growth. Over the five years through 2012-13, industry revenue is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 2.8%. Another weak year for investments is anticipated to lead to subdued growth in 2012-13.

Although mother nature has not been welcoming, the weather conditions have failed to discourage new entrants. Over the past five years, a number of online only car insurance providers have flourished, growing at an astonishing rate much to the chagrin of industry incumbents. Their online only model has forced industry incumbents to innovate faster, though this has been a costly marketing exercise as some online ventures have been more successful than others, says Lee. Market share concentration in the Car Insurance industry is high and has been increasing due to consolidation activity. The four largest players in the industry are Insurance Australia Group Limited, Suncorp Group Limited, Allianz Australia Limited and QBE Insurance Group Limited. Industry players have historically displayed a strong appetite for growth through mergers and acquisitions.

Over the next five years, competition is expected to stiffen as non-insurance companies enter the market to secure growth for the parent company. Although retailers have entered the market quietly, they are expected to leverage on their large networks to raise brand awareness. The number of cars on the road is forecast to increase by 2017-18, which paints a picture of a promising market. However, the greater competition will place downward pressure on profit margins. As demand and investment income are expected to grow, industry revenue is projected to increase.

For more information, visit IBISWorlds Car Insurance report in Australia industry page.

Follow IBISWorld on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/ibisworldau

IBISWorld industry Report Key Topics

This industry underwrites (i.e. assuming the risk and assigning premiums) car insurance policies. Car insurance provides financial protection against physical damage to automobiles and bodily injuries resulting from traffic collisions. Car insurance can also protect against resulting liability.

Industry Performance

Executive Summary

Key External Drivers

Current Performance

Industry Outlook

Industry Life Cycle

Products & Markets

Supply Chain

Products & Services

Major Markets

International Trade

Business Locations

Competitive Landscape

Market Share Concentration

Key Success Factors

Cost Structure Benchmarks

Basis of Competition

Barriers to Entry

Industry Globalisation

Major Companies

Operating Conditions

Capital Intensity

Technology & Systems

Revenue Volatility

Regulation & Policy

Industry Assistance

Key Statistics

Industry Data

Annual Change

Key Ratios

About IBISWorld Inc.

Recognised as the nations most trusted independent source of industry and market research, IBISWorld offers a comprehensive database of unique information and analysis on every Australian industry. With an extensive online portfolio, valued for its depth and scope, the company equips clients with the insight necessary to make better business decisions. Headquartered in Melbourne, IBISWorld serves a range of business, professional service and government organisations through more than 10 locations worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.ibisworld.com.au or call (03) 9655 3886.

cheapest auto insurance quote cheapest car insurance quotes online

cheapest auto insurance quote cheapest car insurance quotes online

online insurance quotes free free insurance quotes online vehicle insurance online quote compare vehicle insurance quotes online vehicle insurance quote onli…

http://www.bradinsurance.com/car — Hi, this is Brad the Insurance Dad and in this quick video I’m going to show you exactly how to compare car insurance qu…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Camels, sleds and trikes: Seven odd Street View vehicles

Camels, sleds and trikes: Seven odd Street View vehicles
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“It certainly has the potential to give us a far greater chance of firstly locating the offenders and identifying them, and secondly it gives police and the owner of the vehicle a much greater chance of the vehicle being recovered,” Sgt Graefe said …
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Auto Insurance Quotes for Low Income Workers Now Accessible from State Database at U.S. Insurer Website

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) October 06, 2014

Men and women in the U.S. who are currently positioned as a low income worker can use the Quotes Pros database to connect with affordable auto insurers online. Due to a new provider update this month, immediate auto insurance quotes are now supplied through a state matching process for consumers at http://quotespros.com/auto-insurance.html.

The database of companies that are now available to review this year extends across the U.S. to include most states. The variety in the coverage types is one of the new features apart from the upgraded rates that appear for the public to review. The modified state system does require a zip code to access the available pricing.

“Workers who make less than the poverty level can use our system in order to find the rates decreases and incentives that agencies offer for vehicle insurance,” said a source at the Quotes Pros website.

The growth in the U.S. insurance industry has helped to make the new database possible for the public this year. Companies that are positioned in more than one state to underwrite insurance can now be found by consumers when performing a basic search for coverage providers.

“Income, credit scores and other data can be used by some agencies in order to determine the annual prices that a vehicle owner will pay for a selected form of coverage,” included the source.

The Quotes Pros company has changed its system of research to include listings of more than vehicle related insurers for the public to review on the Internet. A car owner who also has an interest in viewing homeowner, renter or health coverage rates can access the finder at http://quotespros.com/homeowners-insurance.html.

About QuotesPros.com

The QuotesPros.com company is one resource in the United States providing instant contact with insurers using a digital platform on the Internet. The company has secured a link with companies in order to provide open searches for the public. The QuotesPros.com company database is activated and offered for use daily in most U.S. states to offer consumers ways to quote, explore or evaluate policies.

More Car Insurance Quotes Online Press Releases

Car Insurance Price Comparison Tool Now Supplies National Agent Pricing at Insurer Portal Online

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) October 06, 2014

Reviewing more than one company in the insurance industry is now possible to find available price drops thanks to the Quotes Pros company. The car insurance price comparison tool has been programmed with a new update to supply national agency rates based on limited consumer data at http://quotespros.com/auto-insurance.html.

Consumers who will use the system in place to review policy rates this year can access the national rates by state or by county. The matching tool that is now fixed to the QuotesPros.com homepage now conducts a review based on zip codes in order to present the comparison options for motorists this year.

“The automobile insurers that now appear inside of our open search portal are located in most U.S. states to allow a national search of pricing,” said a Quotes Pros source.

The comparison tool now offered to American drivers this year supplies alternatives to regular liability coverage plans. A person requesting a price for a collector, broad form, full coverage or collision based policy can find new price details while using the open portal for research.

“A car owner can use our database as a first or last resort when conducting private research for insurer pricing in order to determine the best rates from a list of companies,” said the source.

The Quotes Pros company plans to change its search options in the coming year to further simplify price comparisons for the public. The recently launched homeowners insurance finder at http://quotespros.com/homeowners-insurance.html is now positioned for the public to use to locate annual costs by state.

About QuotesPros.com

The QuotesPros.com company is now one of the only independent resources in the U.S. providing direct links to agencies in the insurance industry that helps provide faster evaluations on the Internet. The company has built a database that is now in use daily from its portal. The QuotesPros.com company generates insurer listings through its process of zip code elimination to consumers researching agencies in most states.

MoneyMaxim aim for Growth in Car Hire Sector as it acquires the CarhireX group

UK (PRWEB UK) 26 September 2014

Moneymaximiser Limited, the company behind leading car hire and car hire excess insurance comparison service moneymaxim.co.uk , have announced the recent acquisition of the CarhireX group of car hire websites.

CarhireX run a range of sites, primarily designed to focus on specific geographic locations or vehicle types which will, over the coming months, be adapted to offer similar industry leading solutions to those available from moneymaxim.

Moneymaxim is unique in the car hire market in that it offers users the opportunity to compare both car hire and car hire insurance in just one search, allowing customers to avoid significant additional upsell costs either at the rental desk, or when booking car rental through a broker.

This year it further developed its functionality, introducing filters which highlight cars where fuel purchase policies are cost neutral rather than in the car rental firms favour and those which offer free additional drivers. Recently it has started offering low cost sat nav and wireless internet rental to its users.

Mark Bower, Managing Director of Moneymaximiser said today: “We have seen steady growth in users of our core businesses looking for a better deal when it comes to car hire, and have been looking for ways to improve our visibility to potential car renters. Buying the more than 25 websites currently within the CarhireX.com portfolio will allow us to take a significant step down that route, bringing us established traffic and allowing us to identify car hirers looking for specific locations or car types.

It is an acquisition which has been financed from our company’s capital reserves, and not through third-party financing, which ensures our customers are served free of influence from partners and suppliers. This fundamental principal of our company is a key reason our propositions are so competitive.”

Stuart Lewis-Smith, founder of the CarHireX Group said: “This is the beginning of a new era for CarHireX Group. The plans MoneyMaxim have to transform the car rental price comparison market are exciting and I am glad that this acquisition will help them achieve those goals.”

Moneymaxim plan to update all the sites it has acquired introducing its market leading technology over the coming months.


Principal websites within the acquisition include:

















About MoneyMaxim: MoneyMaxim is an independent internet based comparison site offering clients leading negotiated rates for car hire and car hire excess insurance from a number of top brand names. MoneyMaxims unique search engine will do all the hard work, so users can save both on both car rental and excess insurance costs. Excess insurance prices are up to 90% lower than the prices charged for similar cover at Car Hire Desks.

Editor’s Note: Issued by Marketing Decisions. Interviews can be arranged with Mark Bower, MoneyMaxims Managing Director.

For more information please contact

Tony Longstaff on 01628 474280

or by email at


Cheap Vehicle Insurance Finder Now Promotes SR22 Insurance Rates to Motorists Online

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) August 23, 2014

SR22 insurance is now one form of coverage that a driver who is classified as a risk to insurers can research using the Quotes Pros website online. The cheap vehicle insurance finder installed earlier this year has been modified to showcase the new rates for risk based plans that are available at http://quotespros.com/auto-insurance.html.

The promotion of this new type of coverage will help motorists who are required by state law to carry certain levels of bonded insurance when operating a motor vehicle. The finder system that was built by the Quotes Pros company is now offering the high risk rates through a zip code entry format.

“The motor vehicle insurer rates data that our system presents to the public is accurate based on the connections that we have with insurers this year,” said a Quotes Pros rep.

The finder that is available to use and promote the SR22 plans this year can also offer standard rates to drivers who are not classified as a risk level driver. A good source of price data for liability, collector, full coverage and broad form policies is available to review while accessing the insurer database.

“Getting an immediate quote for a car insurance policy of any type is easier using our system because we do not rely on personal information to distribute rates,” said the rep.

The Quotes Pros company is considering the expansion of its current lookup system next year to feature a larger list of agencies that consumers can review in real time. A new update this month is revealing the true costs for life insurance in all parts of the United States at http://quotespros.com/life-insurance.html.

About QuotesPros.com

The QuotesPros.com company uses a defined set of tools that help the public to find or to easily compare prices for insurance products. The Internet resource that the company first built in 2013 has been expanded in size this year. The QuotesPros.com company is using a new database that is filled with agencies in the U.S. that can quote or allow the purchase of a particular policy type entirely from the programmed system.

More Cheap Auto Insurance Press Releases

Auto Insurance Rates for KY Drivers Added to New Quotation Tool at Insurer Website

Louisville, KY (PRWEB) September 29, 2014

Motorists who search for insurance pricing in the state of Kentucky will now have an easier way to review price data online. The Quotes Pros company is helping to introduce auto insurance rates for KY drivers through its portal at http://quotespros.com/auto-insurance.html.

The quotation system that is active for this year has been programmed with state agency rates for motorists to explore. The system for price quotes can be accessed from most devices with an Internet connection to provide a source of price information to car owners seeking coverage information.

“The KY car owners who will use our system this year can sort through an entire list of companies that are now competing with affordable rates for coverage,” said a Quotes Pros source.

The quotes tool that is available searches insurers nationwide in order to present the price data to motorists who are actively seeking policy information. Because of the zip code entry process, some consumers who use the system will be unable to find a provider in a specific part of the U.S. providing rates details.

“Our system is one of the most complete tools to use when evaluating price data from insurers throughout the U.S.,” the source said.

The insurer system that is active at the Quotes Pros website has the capability to provide options for consumers that are separate from automotive insurer plans. The public tool also helps connect the public with data for health, life, business or renters insurance plans at http://quotespros.com/renters-insurance.html.

About QuotesPros.com

The QuotesPros.com company helps American consumers who have an interest in reviewing rates for insurance policy costs on the Internet. The company tool established in 2013 remains an active portion of the company website. The QuotesPros.com company updates providers that appear inside of its database to regularly introduce agencies and broker rates throughout the U.S. to consumers.

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GEICO reminds consumers to look out for flood damage when buying a used
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ObamaCare's critics predicted that such insurance dumping was inevitable, and the only question now is how many and how fast other companies partake of the new all-you-can-eat entitlement buffet. Get whatever you like, the bill's on taxpayers.
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